FMT pioneered Visual Docking Guidance Systems (VDGS). FMT developed the first VDGS with pneumatic sensors back in the 70’s and invented the first laser based system in the beginning of the 90´s. Since then, FMT has through continuous development explored new techniques and gathered extensive knowledge in this field, making FMT world leading in aircraft docking guidance.

APIS System

FMT Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System (AVDGS) is called APIS which stands for Aircraft...

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Airpark System

The FMT Airpark System is designed to be a robust and reliable aircraft parking...

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FMT is the supplier of A-VDGS to Ashgabat Int. Airport

Ashgabat International Airport in Turkmenistan was officially opened by the President...

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Inter Airport Europe in Munich 2017

Come and visit us at the Inter Airport Europe Trade Fair in...

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Airport Show in Dubai 2017

Come and visit us at the Airport Show in Dubai, United...

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