FMT Passenger Boarding Bridges are developed in-house and tailor-made for each customer specific demands.
FMT has a unique range of Passenger Boarding Bridges including Mobile Telescopic Bridges (Apron Drive), Nose- Loader Bridges, T-Bridges, Commuter Bridges and Over-The-Wing Bridges.

The products are sold on the world market with the possibility for seamless integration with FMT A-VDGS and Apron Management Systems for highly advanced airport gate systems. FMT is well-known for its high quality and modern design with highest technical range of components.

Mobile Telescopic Bridge

The FMT Mobile Telescopic Bridge (MTB) was developed in 1992 to simplify operation and...

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A380 Upper Deck Service

The FMT Mobile Telescopic Bridges (MTB) are well suited for upper deck service by...

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Dual Boarding Bridge System

The FMT Mobile Telescopic Bridges (MTB´s) are very well suited for installation at airport...

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Nose-Loader Bridge

The FMT Nose-Loader type of Passenger Boarding Bridges are continuously developed since the first...

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The FMT T-Bridge type of Passenger Boarding Bridges were developed in the mid 1970’s...

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Over-The-Wing Bridge

The FMT Over-The-Wing (OTW) type of Passenger Boarding Bridges were originally developed in the...

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Commuter Bridge

The FMT Commuter type of Passenger Boarding Bridges has been developed to provide the...

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FMT has been awarded an A-VDGS contract in India

Indian air traffic is growing fast and the Airports Authority of...

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FMT A-VDGS is now in operation at the new Bergen Airport Flesland in Norway

The new Bergen Airport, Flesland, was officially opened on the 17th...

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Seatrade Cruise Global Fort Lauderdale 2018

Come and visit us at the Seatrade Cruise Global Show in...

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Airport Show Dubai 2018

Come and visit us at the Airport Show in Dubai, United...

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