The FMT Mobile Telescopic Bridges (MTB) are well suited for upper deck service by its rigid structural design and with the optional FMT Dual Drive Bogie System.

The safety and operator convenience is put on focus when designing a passenger bridge servicing aircraft doors more than seven meters above apron.

In order to minimize sway, especially when driving sidewise, the FMT Dual Drive Bogie System is an option.

The FMT Upper Deck MTB is preferable integrated with FMT APIS (A-VDGS) to enable semi-automatic operation which is most appreciated by drivers since the clearance to aircraft wing and engines are limited. Additional sensors are installed to detect obstacles and enable high precision connection to the aircraft upper deck entrance door.

The FMT Upper Deck MTB is equipped with FMT Safety Floor, as standard, to prevent damage to the fuselage. The FMT Upper Deck MTB stops at a safe distance from the fuselage and the Safety Floor is then extended to the fuselage. The FMT Safety Floor is spring loaded  to ensure that the pressure to the fuselage is kept to a minimal force.

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