Atlantis has been developed to integrate all planning, control, management and service functions of an airport into a single operational information repository, focusing on the turnaround process rather than individual technical systems. The Atlantis software enables airports to automate operations making the best use of gates, check-in counters, ramp equipment and staff.

With Atlantis operators can supervise ongoing operations and status of attached systems such as PBB, VDGS, 400Hz, PCA, fuel etc. Features included are automatic rescheduling of gates in case of equipment breakdown, automatic collection of financial data, automatic invoice transfers, true equipment availability and reliability statistics, automatic allocation and notification of service engineers in case of equipment failure, automatic drive and connection of bridges. Atlantis continuously keeps track of all events, including ON/OFF Block and other usage parameters from the ongoing operations.

All information is presented on a multilevel graphical map of the airport, its terminals and gates. Aircraft are displayed as scaled down images of the actual aircraft types. Other information includes flight information and equipment status. Atlantis also integrates CCTV video using either Ethernet based digital cameras or existing proprietary CCTV systems. By linking all equipment used in the turnaround process to the central information repository Atlantis enables the automatic retrieval and exchange of consistent and accurate operational data, status, financial and statistical information.

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