Founded in 1963 by Mr. Nils-Eric Anderberg, FMT has become a world leading company dedicated to the design and development of passenger handling equipment for airports and seaports throughout the world. FMT’s highly innovative approach to the design and development has led to a wide range of products being accredited with a large number of worldwide patents.

FMT holds many patents in the field of Airport Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBBs).

FMT was also the first company to design and build glass walled Passenger Boarding Bridges. FMT uses different glass designs depending on the actual environmental condition. The glass technical design is an important component to enhance passenger comfort.

FMT´s range of Airport PBBs includes: Mobile Telescopic Bridge, A380 Upper Deck Bridge, Nose-Loader Bridge, T-Bridge, Over-The-Wing Bridge and Commuter Bridge. All FMT Bridges are controlled by their own PLC control unit for direct interface to a Docking System to provide customers with fully-automatic or semi-automatic connection of the PBB to the parked aircraft door.

Patent streckritningSeaports:
With over 50 Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridges in service throughout the world, FMT´s Boarding Bridges provide customers with safe and reliable operating systems built in accordance with the agreed bespoke designs, which has been developed for each seaport client.
FMT has designed and built Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridges for a wide range of applications ranging from Mobile Gangways for ferries to Mobile Passenger Access Systems which serve the world’s largest cruise ships.

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