FMT´s rich portfolio of products provides the opportunity of integration between systems and individual products.

The well defined interface between FMT Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBB) and Aircraft Parking and Information System (APIS) provides the possibility to assist the operator when maneuvering the bridge from parking position to the aircraft door. The technique for this was patented already in the 1990’s and has been implemented since then on many projects worldwide. The system is highly appreciated since it lowers the demands and requirements on the PBB operator whose work not always is easy or convenient to perform. Don’t forget that during a rainy and windy evening it is a pretty tough task to maneuver a 25 ton Passenger Boarding Bridge towards a 1 MEUR aircraft sensitive composite fuselage!
A FMT semi-automatic drive system assists the operator who only needs to keep a dead-man button activated during the time it takes for the bridge to travel from parking position to the aircraft door.

The FMT Stand Management System, Atlantis integrates Passenger Boarding Bridges, Visual Docking Guidance Systems and other ground support systems into a successful solution for modern airports.

Further, when the FMT APIS is interfaced to a FMT PBB, Atlantis will communicate information to the PBB regarding the arriving aircraft type and series to allow automatic pre-setting of the PBB. An interface between the APIS and the PBB ensures that the PBB can be locked for operation after pre-setting and until the aircraft is Block On.

There is possibility to build an integrated system step by step and follow the airport development plan with integration of different sub-systems.

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