The FMT Leading Mark system is an azimuth guidance system developed for high precision lead in guidance for vessels in narrow waters. FMT Leading Mark azimuth guidance advantages is to provide the bridge with navigation aids when sailing in narrow waters like channels, locks and docks and passing under bridges.

The technology behind the Leading Mark is Moiré effects when lights passing through gratings which create the high precision Moiré pattern. The pattern will provide a vertical black line when the viewing angle is 90° to the pattern. Any deviation outside the 90° angle will provide an arrow pointing in the direction to compensate the steering back to on line. The deviation is designed with a precision tailor-made for each application and can provide very sensitive and high tolerance requirement.

The Leading Mark can preferably also be used as a side mark assistance for vessels to be positioned to fit with port equipment like gangway systems, car ramps etc. The visibility distance can be designed for use between 200 meters to 2000 meters. The FMT Leading Mark for seaports and airports has been supplied in more than 2000 units during the past periods of 25 years. FMT Leading Mark is also used by the US Navy and the Royal Navy for precise alignment of vessels on the open sea.


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