FMT Passenger Gangways are developed in-house and tailor-made for each customer specific demands.
There are often a large variety of different ships to be served and many constraints like lifeboats, tidal variations, and clearance for service vehicles on the wharf deck etc.

FMT has a unique range of Passenger Gangways for service of ferries and cruise ships. The types are mainly:
– Mobile Elevating Gangways of switch back type perpendicular to the fender line.
– Mobile Elevating Gangways of switch back type parallel with the fender line.
– Mobile Telescopic Bridge with rotating cabin section for connection to the ship entrance
– Fixed Nose-Loader type of telescopic Gangway
The above types can be adjusted and adapted for each customer special needs and requirements.

FMT is well-known for its high quality and modern design with highest technical range of components.

Mobile Elevating Gangway

The FMT Mobile Elevating Gangway (MEG) was originally developed 1998 to serve the new...

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Mobile Telescopic Bridge

The FMT Mobile Telescopic Bridge (MTB) for seaports is an enlarged airport apron drive...

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Fixed Telescopic Bridge

The FMT Fixed Telescopic Bridges are mostly use for ferry terminals around the world....

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Fixed Walkway

The FMT Fixed Walkways are normally delivered to support a Mobile Gangway or as...

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FMT is the supplier of A-VDGS to Ashgabat Int. Airport

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Inter Airport Europe in Munich 2017

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