The FMT Mobile Elevating Gangway (MEG) was originally developed 1998 to serve the new type of Mega Cruise ships that started to enter the market in the end of the last decennium. The first three FMT MEGs were installed at Port of Miami Terminals F & G to serve RCI Voyager Class ships.

The FMT MEG was invented mainly to solve two issues:
– full mobility on the wharf deck to service different ships from different terminal exit doors
– achieving a vertical service window towards the ship and at the same time fulfilling ADA slope requirements in the tunnels

The result of the invention was the first mobile switch-back type of Passenger Gangway which was so unique that FMT received an US Patent (No. US 6,668,411 B1).

The MEG type of Gangway can have different styles and orientation. The original MEG had the sloping tunnel sections perpendicular to the ship and terminal building.

Due to limited width of wharf deck another type of Mobile Elevating Gangways was invented. The requirement for certain length of sloping tunnels only allowed the tunnels to be located parallel to ship and terminal building. This type of Gangway is often called Parallel Elevating Gangway (PEG). The PEG can have two or three sloping parallel tunnel sections. The number depends on the required vertical service window towards the ship.

The Mobile Elevating Gangways are as standard driven by the operator walking besides the gangway on the wharf deck. An easy to understand control handle with spiral cable is connected to the Gangway chassis to allow good overview and supervision during the movement on the quay.


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