FMT Passenger Gangways for cruise ships and ferries were developed in its first type already in the early 1990’s. The modern types of FMT Gangways for cruise ships are very often mobile and can service a large number of different types of ships. The mobility along the wharf deck is by an integrated diesel generator which also acts as power back-up for the Gangway control system.

Mobile Gangways must cope with modern cruise ships where the life boats are located on the outside of the ship’s hull.

The challenge, many times, is to develop a type of Mobile Gangway that can serve a large number of different ships and at the same time manage water tidal variations, which can reach a difference in elevation of up to 8 meters during the day.

There are different types of Gangways for cruise ships and ferries and the type and design is almost always developed and adapted to the customer´s specific needs and conditions.

FMT has a unique knowledge and experience in this kind of Mobile Gangways and is owner of several patents which includes the very popular switch back type of Gangways.

Please refer to the reference library with pictures and short descriptions of the different types of Gangways supplied.

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FMT Passenger Gangways are developed in-house and tailor-made for each customer specific demands. There...

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